The Honeymooners

Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, FL is one of my favorite spots in Tampa Bay. It has some pretty amazing beaches and you're guaranteed to see some Florida wildlife if you walk around the park. I mainly kept away from the beaches today so I could get tore up from the mosquitos. Well, not really but I forgot my DEET...thankfully one of the visitors gave me some of their bug spray while I was watching the owls.

Today I spotted some ospreys, pelicans, kestrels, armadillos, shorebirds and a couple of great horned owls. If you've never been there and live in or are visiting Tampa Bay, you owe it to yourself to plan a trip.

Unfortunately, I did notice that my Nikkor 300mm f/4 AF-S PF lens is displaying the VR issue that it's known to have when you shoot with VR on between 1/80 - 1/160sec. I originally thought it was only for the D8XX series of cameras but it's definitely noticeable on my D750. Gonna need to find a place to get the firmware upgraded before my next race in March.