Earth Day, Everyday

It's Earth Day, y'all...for real. Hopefully everyone will get out this weekend and help cleanup a local beach, park, neighborhood, road, etc. I can tell you from experience, most places need a constant stream of volunteers in order to stay clean. Shockingly, some people intentionally litter. I'm far from a hippy but it blows my mind when I see it because I've always made it a point to throw garbage in a trashcan, even if that means keeping a wrapper or bottle in my pocket until I find one.

I noticed just how bad my local beach looked when I was shooting storms back in 2013. So the past couple years I've made it part of my routine to pick up garbage 3-4 days per week at various beaches & roads within the Tampa Bay Area. I keep grocery store & takeout bags in my car along with gloves, walking shoes & a few grabbers...I really, really don't like handling some of the stuff I find (see below, but used diapers, condoms and chewing tobacco spit cans/bottles are the worst). But I can pick up crap for hours as long as I have a good playlist or podcast to listen to during the cleanup...I recommend the podcast Stuff You Should Know if you're looking for something to listen to.

I don't know if there's a real point to this post other than I hope that whoever reads this gets out to clean any part of their community that needs attention. Here are some of the more interesting / disgusting things I've found at my local beaches.

It's not all bad though...I've found money (I think my total is at $42 right now) and some really cool art by diy_dc who leaves his artwork at random places he visits.