Sound of the Zika

Summer is technically winding down but it'll still be miserably hot in Florida for a few more months. Unfortunately, that means we'll need to watch out for mosquitos and Zika. And it may be too late for me as I got tore up by mosquitos in Pinellas County getting a few of these shots. Thankfully I get my blood tested often as I donate blood and platelets so I'll find out fairly quickly if I got the Zika. And don't think I wasn't using bug repellant...I keep it in my car and use it if I'm shooting after dark. Too bad I think the one I applied lost some of its strength as I was surrounded by a swarm of mosquitos as I walked the beach and back to my car.

Besides mosquitos, Fort De Soto park is currently surrounded by thousands of stingrays. I saw around 20 baby rays during the two days I was shooting at Fort De Soto last week. They literally wash up with the waves, so if you're walking along the beach with your feet in the water you really need to watch your step.

It's also been a fairly active month for evening storms. Got a few decent shots but still nothing as good as the shot I got in July by the lake. Regardless, some of the storms this summer have been the prettiest storms I've ever seen.